Personality Test

Found this personality test courtesty of Of course it is only to be followed up by those who have time to spend / spare / waste / enjoy…… (Take your pick.)

Cannot fathom out how to paste in the results of my test, but I seem to be a benevolent experiencer. However, I shall need more time to assess what that means. For now – it is lunch then puppy walking!

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  1. Hello Freda

    I took the personality test and manged to paste a revised version to one of my blogs. First I copied the report from the site to wordpad and then copied that to Micrfosoft Word. There I edited out the ‘technical bits’ which my blog refused to accept. I only wanted the wording anyway. Does this help?

  2. The Sage says:

    Hi Freda.

    I took the test and came out as an “animated builder”. LOL

    I look nothing like Bob…


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