Grateful Thanks

Two visitors, from the parish I have just retired from, called in over the weekend. I had already been presented with a beautifully engraved rose-bowl at my Leaving Service, but they brought additional gifts: a home-made card, a cheque, a note from an old friend who was visiting in the area, and a copy of the latest parish magazine. The card was tied with a ribbon and full of memories in the signatures and thoughts of church members and friends. The cheque bowled me over in its generosity, I am full of thanks and will have many happy hours thinking about how to spend it!  The note from the friend reminded me of the links we have within the wider Christian church. The parish magazine was a special gift in many ways, not least because of the piece expressing the congregation's appreciation of our time together. What can I say?  …….I was delighted and very humbled.

So thank you everybody.

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