Gales getting worse

The gale is getting worse. Years ago o­n Lewis, I used to complain about the strength of the wind and the constant battering we took. Well we did live out o­n a headland overlooking hundreds of square miles of ocean. It has seemed to me that the weather o­n this gentler shore is becoming as extreme as it o­nce was in the Outer Hebrides. Leaves me with the question as to what the extremes are like out there today. It is bound to be even worse than here.

Actually, it is so bad it is majestic. I just wish the house felt warmer. This is when I would really love to have a coal fire. Still, it might just disapper up the lumb. I'm off for an extra cardie

Note: lum is a wet squall, lumb is a chimney. A Scots dictionary comes in handy o­n occasion.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Extremes in Uragaig are ………EXTREME
    Glad we are able to communicate….even though it is o­nly o­ne-way R

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