Aamer Anwar

Something makes me uneasy about the case where Anwar made such stark comments to the media. Cannot quite put my finger on it, but I wonder about the whole concept of freedom of speech and the fear we all have of terrorism and associated activities. We are told that this could be the start of a hundred years of living with terrorism and that can only be depressing news for all of us. After all, who can expect to live longer than that to see some kind of sensible resolution.

The only thing possible in this week leading up to Remembrance Day is to remember the lessons of the past and to hope and pray for peace in the future. To hope even in the face of intransigence and hostility. That way, commonsense wins.

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2 Responses to Aamer Anwar

  1. Graham says:

    As more and more laws are brought in to combat terrorism our whole way of life and rights like freedom of speech are being squeezed and reduced.
    Now although i have sympathy with Mohammed Atif Siddique who in my opinion was just “a daft laddie” Aamer Anwar should know better as a lawyer he should know about contempt of court rules and how far he can go and what he can comment on.
    The trouble with mankind is we as a species never seem to learn from mistakes and we go through time making similar big ones every 50 years or so I doubt whether commonsense ever sees the light of day.

  2. freda says:

    I see what you mean, Graham, but want to keep hoping nonetheless!

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