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Special thanks today for Son #3 who has spent much of the day in hospital having a nasty abscess drained. Hopefully, he is now well on the mend. He has been much braver than I would have been. Childbirth? Yes … Continue reading

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Quite a number of the blogs I read regularly are from the USA and of course there is a lot of chatter right now about Thanksgiving. What a wonderful holiday to have and celebrate; realistically I suppose it is better … Continue reading

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The best way

Thank you, Lord, for a new day. For light growing through the dawn And hope flowing through my body. Thank you for all the good things: A rose in bloom; Wind-blown grasses; the busyness of insects; the chattering birds. Thank … Continue reading

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A song in my head

Well … the wee family have gone home and all is quiet. The washing machine has been busy and so have the dog and I – she hoovering up the crumbs and me polishing off the sticky marks. It all … Continue reading

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