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Making sense of terror

Congratulations to Misty – today is her 10th Birthday – a milestone in any doggy life. According to a certain dog food manufacturer her age equates to 56 in human years. They take into account the dog’s age and weight to … Continue reading

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Been East

This is one of the reasons I enjoy being away in the motorhome. The other one is that the housework is done very quickly. The pitch was right on the foreshore at Crail, in Fife, so not only could we see … Continue reading

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Autumn Gold

A number of years ago the Scottish Tourist Board ran a season of advertising called – Autumn Gold . . . . . . .  That is what it feels like being in Scotland at the moment. We are just … Continue reading

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Many treats

The Birthday Month is nearly over again – in fact the birth date itself has long gone. Here are some of the Treats in the past nine days. Picnic by the Crinan Canal looking at the buds nearly ready to … Continue reading

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Birthday Month

Yes – it is that time already, and this year it has taken me by surprise somewhat. This winter seems to have been very long, very dark, very cold and very wet. Usually by March I feel relieved and as … Continue reading

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Sunset and Peace

When you see a sight like this from the window, you just have to rush off and get a camera to try and capture the moment. Of course the image itself is but a shadow of the illuminated sky, but … Continue reading

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The techie world

In between various other things that have been happening, I have been watching live video from the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Believe it or not, I cannot exactly remember how many of these gatherings I have attended in … Continue reading

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Low Sunday

Our Locum Minister looked round church and said how pleasantly surprised he was to see so many people there on what is traditionally referred to as Low Sunday. The Sunday after Easter Day is thus called, he said, because of … Continue reading

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Be gentle on the souls of your loved ones, and be gentle on your own soul. For then the world will learn compassion and everlasting love. And there will be Peace.

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I couldn’t work out what was different in church this morning. Then it dawned on me – there were no flowers, just the two large aspidistras on either side of the pulpit. This is the first Sunday in Lent, traditionally … Continue reading

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