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I would like to live like a river flows. carried by the surprise of its own unfolding. John O’Donohue

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A pleasant, frosty New Year’s Day…… with a walk by the river, good food and wine and a surfeit of decent TV programmes for once. Happy New Year.

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A Buddhist Tale

Two monks were approaching a river where a beautiful young woman was waiting to cross. One monk ignored her, obeying the injunction of his master not even to look at a woman. The other, carried the woman on his shoulders, … Continue reading

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Where the river meets the sea

Being aware that a drop of water flows from the river into the sea is a good way of remembering that we are all part of a bigger whole. Mystical? Perhaps – but true nonetheless.

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Sit on the bank of a river in reality or in fantasy and watch the water flow. If you know how to look without reflections the river will speak not to your brain but to your heart creating a silence … Continue reading

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