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Perhaps this post should be entitled Having Fun or Decadent Afternoon. In any case it was a new experience for me to go to a Tea Dance. To be honest it was all a bit of a rush, but turned … Continue reading

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Pre-Birthday Month

Yes, I’m starting to gear up for a Pre-Birthday-Month this year. HBTW didn’t look at all surprised this morning when I announced that I needed some cheering up. Usually, come March -(the actual Birthday Month) I start to enjoy finding … Continue reading

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Michael Buble

This is the music of the moment – I can’t get it out of my head for some reason. It’s really strange when that happens. It reminds me of long ago when life was one long soundtrack. I was watching … Continue reading

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I have been enjoying using spotify to listen to some new music. ¬†First of all find a young person – probably one plugged into earphones and an ipod – and find out what music they like. Then, listen to some … Continue reading

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The Season known as Christmas

So – is this the Christmas season or is it not? ¬†Technically, as far as churches are concerned this is Advent (lit the coming) and purists will tell us that this is when they concentrate on the second coming of … Continue reading

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A Sweet Obscurity

This has been sitting on my “to read” shelves for some time – presumably it got there by recommendation or book review. I’m glad it did, though must admit that it is not an easy read. I got through to … Continue reading

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Feel good factor

So far it is proving remarkably easy to have Birthday Month treats each day. Yesterday’s was in the form of a DVD. Mr Holland’s Opus has to be on my list of favourite feel-good films – the kind of film … Continue reading

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