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Signs of Hope

Yep – an hour of sunshine and these beauties opened up! Planted in hope last November and here they are showing that Spring really will come again.

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Things that are too hard

How do you cope with things that are too hard? You see I have a problem. I am a Christian . . . . . . . .   an ordained minister, so I am supposed to at least have … Continue reading

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Auspicious Day

It’s strange that we insist on making a day special. We have to make order of things, and similarly we have to make order of time passing: – sunsets, dawn, lunar cycles, the passage of the planets – and hence … Continue reading

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That Little Wave – Again

I love this story…. There is this little wave happily bobbing along in the sea, and then he suddenly sees that the waves all crash onto the shore. Understandably he gets really upset. Then along comes another little wave who … Continue reading

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Dreaming dreams

Quote for the day from The Gift of Years by Joan Chittister. We must allow ourselves to dream about what life could really be life if eough of us demanded that it were. In our dreams lies our unfinished work … Continue reading

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Living the prayer

Tonight’s Living the Questions discussion is about prayer. The course is in general very good, as well as being challenging and downright uncomfortable in places. I think it is useful for us to look carefully at our beliefs and our … Continue reading

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A rose brings sunshine and hope

A new variety for this year – David Austin It seems to like its new home. Because last winter was so cold and bleak, we lost many of our plants to the frost and the deer. The poor animals were … Continue reading

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VE Day

Yesterday was VE Day. I was 15 months old at the time. The funny thing is that somehow it has affected who I am today. In fact if you take a long hard look, it has affected all of us. … Continue reading

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Bright hope for tomorrow

The primulas are blooming despite the temperature being only 5C

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Taken by a friend at the weekend. It says something to me about light and hope beneath the tangles of life.

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