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Wildlife watch

As well as the deer there has been an array of birds, fledglings and parents. The sparrow hawk has been absent I am glad to say, especially as favourite visitors of the moment are a woodpecker parent (Mrs I think) … Continue reading

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The news

Sad to say but true, I have been burying my head in the sand about current affairs over the last few days. As a method to avoid the nasties etc it is very effective. However, that means missing some gems. … Continue reading

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Territorial excuse

The Hushing and Shushing did not work for Misty going outside tonight. But then there were three deer just the other side of the fence. And they did not retreat all that far either.

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It’s the season

The tick season is upon us. How come Fox can be de-ticked one minute, go out the cat-flap and come back in half an hour later needing done again? We have a lot of deer round here, so I am … Continue reading

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