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Birthday Greetings to Misty who is 9 years old this week. What a lot of fun we have had over the years, and let’s hope there are many more left. One of my friends has been trying to instil me … Continue reading

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End of the month

The Birthday Month has gone very well and very quickly. I did briefly consider having a Birthday Year but decided it would be excessive. Instead we shall simply continue to enjoy what each day brings. That is always good advice. … Continue reading

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Birthdays and new birth

Birthday Flowers – still blooming away – giving pleasure. And some photos of Hannah at nine days old. Granddaughter #8 What a wonderful day it was when we went to visit. This was an exceptional Birthday Month treat.

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There are many advantages in having a Birthday Month rather than the usual Birth-Day. For example, there is a whole month in which to consider the implications of time rushing past – time to adjust as it were. Then of … Continue reading

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Birthday Boy

No prizes for guessing which special birthday for HBTW. He had a lovely day with Son #4 and family coming for a sleepover – involving onesie’s and the campervan – amazingly cozy in the winter. Son #1 and family are coming … Continue reading

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Another Birthday Month

What fun! Another Birthday Month to plan for and enjoy. And how lovely to turn to Retirement Daze and discover that she has been working through her own BMT’s, (Birthday Month Treats.) Actually, I have been enjoying a couple of … Continue reading

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April again

Aha! So the Birthday Month is over; and what has been the non-treat of the day? – Going to the dentist. This was only my fourth or fifth visit to this new dentist since the trusted and faithful practitioner retired.  At … Continue reading

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Busy doing nothing

I really have been busy doing nothing and very nice it has been too. I am making the most of the last few days of my Birthday Month. When it rains or I feel like drifting away into the post-Edwardian … Continue reading

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Cairn terrier puppies

No – they are not mine – but watching them on youtube is my BMT today!

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Growing older

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made: Our times are in His hand Who saith “A whole I planned, Youth shows but half; Trust God: see … Continue reading

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