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Keep on Dancing

Last night was Dance Class and  it was also Valentine’s Day, so our Dance Teacher had  suggested we have a social night. Not a regular dance, just informal. What fun we had. Everyone brought snacks and something to drink, and … Continue reading

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Changing and Ageing

I’ve come to the conclusion that change is quite difficult for me nowadays. I used to be someone who embraced change and loved doing new things. Not so much anymore. Take yesterday, for instance. . . . . . . … Continue reading

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The Art of Ageing

It’s nearly Pre-Birthday-Month time so it seems a good time to dive into The Art of Ageing again. It is one of those little gems that has a great deal of common sense. More than anything, the author, John Lane, … Continue reading

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New Year at the Hairdresser

Looking in the mirror at the hairdresser this afternoon was not an altogether happy experience. I don’t usually “do” mirrors all that much these days. The only exception is for Dance Class on a Friday Night – it seems to … Continue reading

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Birthday Boy

No prizes for guessing which special birthday for HBTW. He had a lovely day with Son #4 and family coming for a sleepover – involving onesie’s and the campervan – amazingly cozy in the winter. Son #1 and family are coming … Continue reading

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Last time I was talking about sitting in state occupying myself with crochet blankets.  There has been a lot more of the same. It turns out that I have a fractured ankle, so rest is the order of the day. … Continue reading

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Last week I was shivering in fleecy top, anorak and warm trousers; this week it has been a chance to dig out light trousers and tops. The temperature in the front garden today has been 30C  As you can see, … Continue reading

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This is a wonderful film to watch with children I should imagine. OK I confess, HBTW and I watched it on our own. Who needs mindless violence, gratuitous sex and dialogue you can’t understand when you can have an adventure … Continue reading

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You’ve got to laugh

Thanks to Schmidleysscribbling for this cartoon:

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God’s memory?

A sprightly 60-year-old woman was walking along 5th Avenue when she heard a voice from above: “You will live to be 100.” She looked around but didn’t see anyone. Again she heard the voice: “You will live to be 100.” … Continue reading

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