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Beating Confusion

Who knows how to beat the confusion that is Brexit?  Perchance the same people who know how to understand that the United States of America now has Donald Trump as President Elect. My reasonable, liberal Sunday newspaper tells me in … Continue reading

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It is time

Everywhere one looks or listens or searches . . . . . . it becomes clear that there are many people who are scared witless about what is going to happen in the future. Of course there are others who party … Continue reading

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Looking for the good

Everywhere you turn these days there are more forecasts of gloom, doom, increasing debt figures and signs of confusion over how to deal with the UK leaving the EU. It is as if news columnists and commentators can’t get their … Continue reading

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An ideal picnic

A neighbour was lamenting how fast the year had gone by. Of course what he meant was that the summer was long gone. We stood round as elder-people do, commenting on the fact that time flies past more quickly with … Continue reading

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When is Autumn?

They are getting bigger everyday. And there are nineteen of them. The above is one of those presents that brings special pleasures every year. Son #3 gave me this apple tree a number of years ago. The only trouble is … Continue reading

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Positive vibes

It was a fine day as far as I remember. I was eight years old and sitting in the back of a car. That was unusual enough, because our family had no vehicle and we only knew two people who … Continue reading

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Sunset to soothe the soul

This sunset is an anonymous one – to be honest I can’t even remember where it was taken or when. My suspicion is that it is out of the front window at Dalamory and judging by the lack of leaves … Continue reading

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The Essence of Retirement

It is a truism that people often say, “I don’t know how I ever had time to work . . . . .”  The days slip by so pleasantly that I find myself thinking the same, however, this past week … Continue reading

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This is just to prove that when we get good weather in Dalamory, we really do get good weather. Indeed Argyll – mountain, glen, loch and seashore becomes a magical place. It is only a week since we came back … Continue reading

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Bluebells and other things

“Ok,” says the Little Dog, “where are we going today?”  It is amazing how quickly she has adjusted from travel in the motorhome to travel in a car. The same goes for us Oldies too. Maybe the novelty will wear off … Continue reading

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