The pleasure of 2:5

B2015 MacaronicheeseOne of the pleasures of the 2:5 eating plan is that on five days of the week no foods (within reason) are off limits.  Since I started this new way of eating eleven months ago I have lost 15 kilos and 2 dress sizes. That has got to be good news.

Macaroni cheese is an occasional treat and the oven chips are sheer indulgence. I should add that the plate is smaller than the usual sized dining plate. The psychology behind that is that the eye tells the stomach it is having a big meal. And in actual fact it was a very satisfying dish. The book giving details calls itself The Fast Diet, but that is more because of the two days based on 500 calories for the day rather than it being a quick way to lose weight.


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  1. I’m happy this diet is working or you. Its so nice to have new clothes isn’t it?

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