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It seems that I am drifting back towards blogging again – and a good thing too, especially as we are on our way through October getting towards the dreaded time of the clocks going back. It’s all very well getting an extra hour of sleep, but accompanying it is the ever-darkening of the days.

There is a good article on the use of social media in blogging over at Kelvin’s Blog. I confess to being lazy about twitter, and as to facebook, I am a lurker – it’s useful to be able to see what my contacts and friends are up to. But I should stop being lazy and jump into the water.

Over the summer I have been much more involved in the political scene and in reading relevant documents and newspapers. I enjoy keeping up to date through my daily ipad version of a Scottish newspaper. The only time I get a real paper – along with the dirty hands that are the result – is on a Sunday, when I succumb to a paper with many supplements. What has struck me is that newspapers are using bloggers as commentators. I am not sure if there are fees involved, but it would help to know the credentials of who is writing.  Bloggers pop up on TV documentaries and news programmes as well. I suppose it is an example of the changing face of the media . . . . . . . . though I am not sure whether it is a good thing or has a dumbing down effect on the quality of opinions.

Anyway, I am enjoying getting back into the habit of blogging and reading the doings of my small corner of the blogging community. I had forgotten how quickly the time flies past when one is happily ensconced at the keyboard. And just a quick note here to a likely reader – I will get back to the charity blankets as well. It all makes for a healthier mind.By the way, have you started to look forward to winter hobbies? I have a whole list of things I still want to get busy with. More of those another day.

B2014 Freda


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6 Responses to Back to Blogging

  1. LC says:

    I’m drifting back, too, snail like (except for the slimy trail).

  2. Dianne says:

    Good to see you and LC back in the blogosphere. You look good Freda. You must have lost weight. I reached my first goal in WW and set a new goal of 20 lbs. trying to reach it by next May and impress my doc.

    To me politics is junk food. I go on binges from time to time, then avoid it for a while. Lately, with the news so bad, I am careful about the news I watch. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but my new favorite TVseries is Rev from BBC. Love it.

  3. Mina says:

    Me – I have started a short Open University Course to keep my brain from atrophying and a friend has given me her copy of The Encyclopedia of Knitting with a closely veiled challenge of trying out some of the complex stitches. There are no garment patterns – just many many different stitches so hopefully the brain work for the above will help with this challenge. Other activities are to get the garden completely tidied for the winter – flowers still in full bloom though – and empty the greenhouse and give it a complete gut out and clean it. Will that do for starters???????

  4. freda says:

    Well done, Dianne, you are getting there with WW – as to Rev – I found it too much like real life in a parish, and somehow I found it too upsetting. Maybe the distance of what is now nearly ten years, will make it different.

    Mina, I admire your energy and dedication. It’s good to have something to make each day interesting.

    LC, glad you are getting back online too.

  5. Tabor says:

    I always rely on blogging to get my thoughts straight and to visit with others without having to get out of my pajamas. There are longer periods when I have little to say and I accept that.

  6. Sheila says:

    Freda, I see Mum in your eyes!! oxxo

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