Where have all the ordinary sizes gone?

Don’t worry – this is not about super-sized human beings, it is about the quest for a medium sized bottle of shampoo. Why not an economy one? Because it is to fit into my toiletry bag when travelling. This is an on-going hunt, where the treasure is seemingly unavailable. On our travels I visited a Boots Extra store – two aisles of hair products and all either ginormous or minuscule. It seems that customer choice has been limited.

It has to be said that my antics produced some puzzled and even alarmed reactions. Note that I had already three small make-up items in a rather large shopping basket. I had confessed to a Sales Assistant that my rate of using up cosmetics was rather slow as I only used make-up once a week. (For Dance Class.) She seemed surprised, but stopped trying to sell me more. Maybe she thought I was too past it for dancing. However, I digress . . . . Back to the two tiers of hair accoutrements.

The first problem was that a) shampoos and conditioners for each manufacturer were side by side; also, liberally sprinkled in among them were oil treatments, anti-frizz controls, dry shampoos and various other concoctions.  b) the print was so small that it was easy to muddle up the product. Secondly, I was distracted by the sheer range of treatments on offer. In the end it was a case of staggering to the checkout and admitting defeat.

And no, I never found the ideal bottle of shampoo.

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4 Responses to Where have all the ordinary sizes gone?

  1. LC says:

    Rant on! You have articulated one of my huge shopping aggravations! Add to that toothpaste, body lotion and more.
    And the huge economy sizes are usually difficult for me to handle since my stroke. This week I finally found the brand and variety of shampoo that works for me, both for for my gray hair and for ease of handling. I bought five of the six bottles on the shelf. I would have bought the other one, but I didn’t want another elder in search of the same kind to experience the frustration I have been trying to find a retailer that carries–and stocks–that “Silver Expressions” variety.

  2. Tabor says:

    Unfortunately you need to test the various products (maybe you could ask the store or write the companies for samples) and find the brands that you like and then buy travel size plastic bottles and put in your shampoo and conditioner and take those with you or use those in your shower. This has worked for me. It is cheaper to buy the larger size even if you do not use a lot, they will last an extensive time for most products. The larger bottles and sizes can always be put into smaller containers for daily use. I sometimes get free samples of products in the mail without asking and I am sure suppliers would be happy to send you free stuff.

  3. Mina says:

    I agree with Tabor – there is now a good range of small bottles exactly for that purpose, probably brought on the market because of restrictions on size of liquid bottles on flights. Whichever way they lend themselves to economy.

  4. Dianne says:

    All of the above. And I like the travel sizes too.

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