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Christmas Pudding

Well it was her mum who called the littlest Grandie a Christmas Pudding. Anyway, I couldn’t resist this photo.

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When it works all is well. Right now I am rushing to make an entry into my blog while the internet is up and running smoothly. Over the last few months we haven’t been able to rely on having a … Continue reading

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That was the week

This week has flown past with things happening every day. I used to laugh at the Oldies who claimed to be too busy to do things. Now I understand. The secret is to make the most of each day and … Continue reading

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Harvest Moon

It is so beautiful to see the moon clearly in Dalamory – mainly because it is quite rare. It was the monthly visit of A with the Library Van today. I get a lorry load of books to the door … Continue reading

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Back to Blogging

It seems that I am drifting back towards blogging again – and a good thing too, especially as we are on our way through October getting towards the dreaded time of the clocks going back. It’s all very well getting … Continue reading

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Friday nights

I was looking for a photo from Dance Class to add to this post. (I am about to get ready to dash off for our Friday night dose of laughter, learning and fun.) What I found was a photo from … Continue reading

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Three in a row

Every so often I get an offer from amazon that I find hard to resist. Their publicist or perhaps their computer churns out a book I like the look of for 79 pence. This time there were three in the … Continue reading

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Where have all the ordinary sizes gone?

Don’t worry – this is not about super-sized human beings, it is about the quest for a medium sized bottle of shampoo. Why not an economy one? Because it is to fit into my toiletry bag when travelling. This is … Continue reading

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Scots Pine

There is nothing quite like a walk in a forest . . . . . . . . .

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Special moments

No photo-shoot of the afore-mentioned digger as the weather turned to torrential rain. HBTW and Son #2 kept at it for most of the day; despite the mud they achieved a commendable clearing-up operation, though it meant having 2 skips … Continue reading

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