I couldn’t work out what was different in church this morning. Then it dawned on me – there were no flowers, just the two large aspidistras on either side of the pulpit. This is the first Sunday in Lent, traditionally a time of preparation and penance. . . . and a looking forward to the events of Easter Day. Doing without flowers in Lent is a kind of picture teaching if you like. It did remind me though of what Son #3 asked this week. He has decided to give me a plant for my birthday and wanted to know what I would like. Over the years he has given all sorts of different plants including two apple trees, which have been producing apples already.

I am going to ask for a rose bush. There is nothing nicer than the perfection of a rose.
A special rose for peace in our world, in our country and in our lives.
B2014 Rose

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