Getting ready for bed at night gets ever longer and more complicated.

  1. Put the dog outside for ablutions
  2. Go to the you know where
  3. Take night-time meds (5 tablets and 30ml liquid gunge)
  4. Clean and floss teeth
  5. Heat up Hottie
  6. Gel in eyes (mine)
  7. Nasal drops if needed
  8. Get the dog indoors and wipe her paws
  9. Give dog “I love you” biscuit
  10. Collect morning pills, bottled water
  11. Undress
  12. Collapse into bed.

Is it any wonder it takes at least 20 minutes?
What is your routine like?

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3 Responses to Bedtime

  1. Lucky you, I have two teeth brushings, antiseptic mouthwash, waterpik, 8 meds, liquid goop, eye gel i forget half the time, face wash, etc. etc. When I had to soak my foot every night, it took 20 minutes longer. Nighttime prep takes longer and longer. (David puts the dog out and sets up the coffee maker). Dianne

  2. Mina says:

    Add another couple of minutes for hand wash after dog paw cleaning, another two for her cuddles and one for good luck, That takes you up to 25 mins – any advance? What about mins to sort out the bedtime book? Half-an-hour and counting.

  3. LC says:

    Thanks for my biggest laugh of day so far, Freda. Wasn’t sure about your heating up the Hottie, but following your link cleared up who–I mean what–the Hottie is.

    And my routine is more in line with Dianne’s, including the periodic foot soaking and the etc. etc. Have a warm and wonderful week.

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