Countdown to Christmas

I heard on the radio today, that this particular day is the busiest in the year for online shopping. I guess it made me realise that usually I am much more organised for the countdown to Christmas. Things still to do include:

  • Order a set of farmyard birds for my Fontanini Nativity Set
  • Work out how many Christmas Cards I am going to send this year
  • Order the cards from my favoured charities
  • Plan a present list
  • Order up presents or organise to buy locally
  • Make some ginger wine
  • File last year’s Christmas round-robin letters – Yes, really.

But first of all – get in the mood. It’s too early for decorations or Christmas songs/CDs but I could think about getting out some seasonal DVDs to set the scene. What’s your favourite? I fancy It’s a wonderful life. James Stewart, black and white, classic. Mind you, it is a good film to watch actually at Christmas time itself………. still, I can watch it again.

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