Mo Dhachaidh

A new blog on the scene is one called Mo Dhachaid h

When I lived in the Outer Hebrides I learnt some Gaelic, though it was always difficult to get people to help me with local conversation; they were too polite to speak when someone present did not understand. So I never got past the beginner’s stage. If you have a look at Liz’s blog you will see the meaning of her croft’s name. One useful bit of Gaelic I learnt was when being bothered by one of the roaming collie dogs  – Go dhachaid – preferably in a firm tone broaching no argument, simply meant Go home!

I’ve enjoyed being at home today – staying inside and out of the rain, but happily employed in suitable activities for my Day Off. In other words – not very much.

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2 Responses to Mo Dhachaidh

  1. Fascinating language. Amazing you could understand any of it. have a Great Day Off. (wonder how you say that in Gaelic?) Dianne

  2. Liz Gibson says:

    Just saw this plug – many thanks! It was at the top of google when I looked for my blog. I have been reading your blog sometimes, honest! but I guess October was a bit busy. I must get back to writing mine. Hope you’re well. Lots of love.

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