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When I was working as a parish minister Monday was my Day Off – barring emergencies of course.  So Sunday evening was a general collapse and Monday could be used for whatever I felt like doing. Sadly, it was often housework or gardening or both. Now that I am retired, 8 years on 1 April………  I realised that I missed having time off. Thus, a Monday has been redesignated as A Day Off.

It’s amazing that such a concept should give such joy. After all, it could be argued that every day is a day off. But no, choosing a particular day brings a breath of fresh air. The trouble is that it goes past so quickly. I suppose the answer could be to designate other days off, though that wouldn’t be the same.

I’ve noticed that some bloggers have vacation days or away days………. these are good too and should be incorporated into the schedule. The ideal is to take advantage of any good weather and devise an outing.

It reminds me of how Mondays came to be wash days.  My Scots Granny used to have her turn of the boiler house on a Monday. No matter the weather the sheets and towels had to be boiled and the other coloured items were bashed about on a scrubbing board. It all seemed very exciting to a small child staying with Gran on holidays. My job was to turn the handle of the mangle, and keep small fingers well out of the way. I seem to remember endless sunny days and smiling faces and tuneful songs.  So when I was a young mum at home with children – you’ve guessed it – Monday became wash days. Over time modern technology has sanitised such chores, and I suppose I am in favour of automatic washing machines. Wash Days can be any day now, and that brings me back to my assigned Day Off.  I had a good one. What about you?

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5 Responses to Day Off

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    I think you are absolutely right, we all need to have days off. Like you I am retired but as I work 3 mornings a week in the parish office I really look forward to Thursday as a day when I can do what I like.
    The fact that half the time I do virtually nothing on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday mornings is neither here nor there. It is the commitment that counts. Thursday is often taken up with household chores but the fact that I can choose whether to do them or not makes a world of difference.
    We humans are a strange lot. If we have no rules we have to invent some it seems.

  2. Dianne says:

    Taking a day off is very important and I have discovered I am so busy with my retired life, I must make space for balance. This means, a little of each thing that nourishes my soul. Balance includes walking my dog no less than three times a week and now David and I have worked Hatha yoga into our Sunday schedule too. This week I am taking a course at the Smithsonian museum here in Washington DC.

    I blog less frequently than I used to but read every bit as much. Too much sitting is bad for my back, however, and I need to walk. Besides, that Weight Watcher’s site has a space for entering “exercise” each day. Dianne

  3. Lyn says:

    What a great idea for everyone who doesn’t work! A day off, a day to use as you wish is such a wonderful tradition!

  4. ernestine says:

    Yes, I need a day off. I moved to the country to have simplicity and it seems I never stop.
    Sunny and cold today and I chopped winter weeds in my garden. My mind kept
    saying “why are you doing this?”
    I answered
    “Because I am weary of being inside
    wanted to be in the sun
    and yearn for Spring”
    So very tired when I came inside
    and I may be getting to old for this….

  5. LC says:

    When I was employed, I savored my days off, even though they were filled with chores as well as leisure activities. In retirement I am a fan of “vacation days” when Hubby and I leave undone tasks, well, undone. We leave home for breakfast out, then maybe a day trip or taking in some local festival or event, or maybe just a trip to the library.

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