Doggy diets


Misty had her annual check up at the Vet’s this week, along with her injections and kennel-cough drops. She was very good with nary a squeak – just the odd rolling of the whites of her eyes. However, the vet did remark that the little dog is rather “solid,” so it was onto the scales before we had time to say no. ¬†Misty weighed in at 8.7kgs which means she needs to lose around one kilo. Quite a lot for a little dog.

Now the good things about a dog going on a diet is that she doesn’t actually have to dread it the way we humans do. She can be easily distracted from food with a toy or a walk. There has got to be a lesson there for us adults. Anyway, the method is to consist of cutting down on gravy bones, using fruit and vegs for extra treats and keeping an eye on things. With any luck, that will be enough. We’ll see what happens with her weekly weigh-in. ¬†(She will probably do better than me.)

Has anyone any advice for weight reduction in pets?

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