Extra Christmas

This is a Christmas shaggy dog story. And a story about extra Christmases.

Last weekend we went to visit Son #4 and the two littlest grandchildren. It was just supposed to be an exchange of presents to go under the tree. What a lovely surprise to find that a festive table was laid out with tinsel and reindeer – a three course Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Absolutely brilliant.

This weekend we are going to stay with Son #1 and his family. This time the presents are to be exchanged and opened because they are going off to New Zealand and the warmth. I was lying in my bed last night ruminating on the events of the day…….. as you do……. when I realised that one little dog in our household – yay, Misty! loves Christmas. She is a dab paw at opening her presents – they are the highlight of her holiday….. fast behind the turkey cooking all day. ┬áSo this morning it has been a priority to find and wrap three presents for her to take with us.

All is now well.
We can go.

Happy……… Advent.

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