The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks is an author I shall look out for again, though I have to confess that The Lucky One has had me in a state of high tension for the day and a half it took to read the book. Not exactly a restful read then, but gripping all the same.

The author uses the technique of telling the story through the eyes of different characters, which only serves to enhance the drama, especially as the characters are so well drawn.

At the point where we join the story, Logan, an ex-marine is coming to the end of a trek across the United States to look for a girl in a picture. Her story is gradually revealed at the same time as we find out more about the principal character. Very quickly, tension is established in the form of an emotionally abusive ex-husband and a sensitive child. In other words, it is a good, robust novel.

I’m not sure whether to give it an 8 or a 9 out of 10. Perhaps it should be an 8 because it kept my heart in my mouth. Anyone else read it?


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2 Responses to The Lucky One

  1. Tabor says:

    Nope. Guess it is another one to put on my looong list.

  2. friko says:

    Never even heard of N.S.
    That good, eh? I will have to look out for him.

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