Another Birthday Month

What fun! Another Birthday Month to plan for and enjoy. And how lovely to turn to Retirement Daze and discover that she has been working through her own BMT’s, (Birthday Month Treats.) Actually, I have been enjoying a couple of days at the start of March to try and get my strength up to make the most of the treats that spring can bring. I like Linda’s idea of choosing the moment. As you will see from her blog, she is recovering from a stroke and days can sometimes be down as well as up, but she is overwhelmingly positive in attitude and an example to us all.

Like many another blogger, I tend to wait until a positive mood comes along before logging in to describe the latest thoughts or events. Hence, yesterday and today being quiet and restful to recharge the batteries. Health, for me, has been problematic over the last couple of years, and each day is a constant round of medication to keep me well. Perhaps “well” is a misnomer, and should be “as well as possible,” for tablets themselves give a range of side effects and annoying habits of falling out with one another. The secret is that the patient – ie me – has to do their utmost to make the best of things, and if a day is obviously a bad one…….. just be gentle on the self and rest up.

Duly rested……. how about today’s birthday treat? ┬áIt has to be the garden birds swooping and swirling over the feeder with loud cries of jubilation. It looks like spring – the miniature daffodils and crocuses agree and in my head I want to do some weeding. So let’s see whether I still feel like that after tonight’s Dance Class. (BMT #2)

What sorts of treats do you think would be appropriate? Any ideas would be welcome.

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