Under the weather and the economy

Unfortunately, I’ve been unwell for two days following a night of throwing up. Pah… or perhaps that should be Blah!  The good side is that I have been able to read a bit more, though I slept for Scotland for most of yesterday.

Can you make any sense of what is going on in the European economy? I watch the TV pundits and read various predictions of gloom, but to be honest it is not making an awful lot of sense. I just don’t seem to be able to understand. People are reacting out of fear, though I have the dark suspicion that somebody out there somewhere, sitting in front of a computer is either manipulating financial matters or taking advantage of them for personal profit.

That brings me back to a snippet from Joan Chittister (The Gift of Years)

The world has been upside down for so long, it is almost impossible to believe anymore that the meaning of life is not about doing. The notion that it is about being – being caring, being interested, being honest, being truthful, being available, being spiritual, being involved with the important things of life, of living – is so rare, so unspoken of, as to be obtuse. We don’t even know what meaning means anymore.

The way I read it, the world would be a better place if we remembered to be kind, and to look out for one another. Any thoughts?

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6 Responses to Under the weather and the economy

  1. LC says:

    My mother’s great passion her whole life has been doing for others. At 92 and in the last stages of kidney failure, she is long past the physical doing stage and is into the being stage. Because the “being” mentioned in your snippet has always been at the center of her doing, her “being” is still making an impact. Joan Chittister is on target.

  2. Dianne says:


    What’s going on is that too many people and governments bought things on credit with borrowed money, and now they are faced with debt. This is true in Europe and America. Other parts of the world that had not reached our level of sophitication (ha ha) are in much better shape, excepting Japan and Indonesia and Turkey and much of the Middle East, but you know why they have problems. Brazil is doing quite well.

    Oil is also an issue (Brazil just found a huge oil deposit). When the price of oil escalates, the economies go into recession. It happens every time, and has since the middle of the nineteenth century. Many things led to shortages of oil the past few years including the Gulf disaster and the Arab Spring. Also, the known oil reserves are shrinking which is why we had the big fight in Nebraska over the oil pipeline from Canada.

    Sorry, but you should not ask an economist “what’s going on.”
    The long and the short of it is we humans have got ourselves into a fine mess by living beyond our means and forgetting we inhabit a finte universe with finite resources. Time for the infinite, don’t you think?

  3. Dianne says:

    PS I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Ray Barnes says:

    I do hope you feel better today Freda. Throwing up has a particularly nasty way of making us feel less than human I think.
    Let’s hope both your health and the world economy soon take a turn for the better.
    Though I have greater hope for the former than the latter.

  5. freda says:

    Dianne, what an excellent explanation of the world’r relatedness. Thank you. It certainly is time to concentrate on the spirituality Joan Chittister speaks of.

  6. Even if one is still more in doing than in being mode, Sundays are a wonderful opportunity to slip into another kind of slow, being time. Wonderful!
    Get well soon!

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