Eat Pray Love

Good in parts but fails to hit its full potential…. You could view the story as one woman’s search for self-enlightenment, or as a self-centred gap year in middle age.

Having said that, Julia Roberts holds this 3 stories within 1 together with her usual skill, and there are some interesting moments. The film could be described succinctly in terms of sensuality, spirituality and new love.

So now you’ve got the plot, and a less than fulsome mini-review.

I’d love to know what others felt – after all, it could just be that I was having an off day, or rather that the plot goes off after a couple of days. Would I recommend watching it? Paradoxically – Yes. But more in hope that women are unlikely to be taken in. Perhaps the film does not do justice to the book

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4 Responses to Eat Pray Love

  1. Sarah Murray says:

    We watched it the other weekend- didn’t live up to my expectations- took ages to get going and then when it was good the film was all but over.

  2. Lyn says:

    I haven’t watched the movie. I was disappointed with the book, reflecting your words, “Good in parts but fails to hit its full potential.” I think perhaps there was such build-up that I expected too much. I actually didn’t finish reading it. Since I didn’t enjoy most of the book, I felt the movie would be a repeat and/or a greater disappointment.

  3. Dianne says:

    I videotaped this movie but never watched it. I like Julia, but am tired of naval-gazing neurotics, which I suspect the character is. I like mysteries. BTW, thanks for the tip about the African detective. I am enjoying her character.

  4. Liz Gibson says:

    We started to watch the dvd while in Glasgow on holiday. Got so irritated by her character and the apparent self indulgence that gave up after about 20 minutes. Perhaps we were being self indulgent not putting up with her but there are times when it’s best to save the patience for real life and not submit ourselves to it in books or film!

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