Quiet Day

It has been of necessity a Quiet Day – thanks to some slightly suspect chicken. Not too desperate, but enough to let HBTW have time to enjoy the motor racing and other sport on the TV. I kept falling asleep over my book.

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5 Responses to Quiet Day

  1. Suem says:

    Oh dear! I do hope you are better soon.

  2. Penny Nash says:

    Yes, feel better soon. Sleeping over a book sounds like an excellent plan for recovery.

  3. Really Freda,
    Did nobody tell you, you’re supposed to remove the feathers first!

    I do hope you recover quickly.

  4. Marcia Mayo says:

    I too hope you are better soon.

  5. LC says:

    That condition is no fun, but it seems you are applying excellent treatment . . . a book and sleep!

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