Census and other things

Filling in the census form this year was so easy it was not true – online that is. I looked at the form with its many pages and little boxes for each letter and groaned – individual boxes slows down the writing to frustration level for me. However, help was readily available on the website. A quick fill in of the online registration number and we were off. It was simply a matter of clicking little boxes and if you got something wrong it was easy to go back and correct the mistake. Most impressive of all was the ability to be able to tick multiple boxes, should it apply. For example, I rated myself as both Scottish and British for nationality – (apologies to my late English Father )- I have lived in Scotland for nearly 50 years now.

The “modern” census has been carried out every 10 years since the early 19th century, apart from during the 2nd World War. The information changes slightly each time, but is supposed to help governments with all sorts of planning and organisational strategies. The information is due to be kept secret for 100 years, thus we are awaiting the release of details from the 1911 census later in the year. It’s a fantastic resource for people researching family history. There’s a special thrill in finding the page of a document which lists all the family members and visitors residing or staying over on a certain night in a dwelling long ago. It makes me want to know more about those people. Needless to say I get diverted by other things – especially technology.

The Birthday Month is coming to its glorious close, the special event today being the collection of a special piece of kit, guaranteed to keep me happy for many an hour. It is black and shiny and very slim and smaller than A4…… so I am off to play.

What do you think about censuses in general? Helpful or intrusive? Bothersome or worth it for posterity?

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