Gentle care

Got up this morning to stagger through to the shower, only to discover that my back is still twisted up from a fall I had during the week. (The result of an argument with my desk and a swivel chair.)

It quickly became clear that I was not going to make it to church. And just in case you’re wondering where our little rural church sits in relation to The Perfect Church, can I just say it is very nearly there. I can say that happily, because I am not the Minister, nor even one of the “workers” – I simply attend when I can, and am nourished by the sense of belonging and being close to God and one another.

After HBTW departed for church I hobbled through to the study to have a Quiet Time. I gave up the idea of looking for a service online or on radio/TV. To be absolutely honest I was a bit too sore; some anti-inflammatories and a cup of coffee enabled me to grumble my way through Sacred Space and the Iona Community prayers.  Misty took herself off to bed, she doesn’t seem to appreciate the liturgy – she’s too big to fit on my lap along with the prayer books anyway.

Before long, HBTW arrived home. I was wondering whether I would be able to hold up the Sunday paper to read it, when he – looking very pleased with himself – flourished a CD and an order of service. It seemed that as I could not go to church, church came to me. How wonderful. I was being a guinea-pig to trial the next innovation from our lively bunch. It was quickly set up and we settled down to listen – Misty jumped up on the sofa and listened intently. Goodness, it was almost like being there, and I had a picture of people’s faces in front of me throughout the service. The biggest advantage, in terms of having my own local service recorded, was that I could relate to the prayers which were personal to our area.

But there’s more to this story…….  after the cd was finished I came through to the computer to send an email to one or two people to say thanks. Whereupon, I found a message from one of my blogging community with a link to her post on God’s care and love evidenced by the stars – Look up and see the stars.  You can read it here. Come to think of it, this comes from one of the psalms. The important thing for me is that I was reminded that with God all things are possible. My grumbly mood and sense of isolation was well and truly chased away by the local service and by a blogger 500 miles away.

There’s no way to end this except by saying thanks.

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9 Responses to Gentle care

  1. Oh Freda, I am sorry to hear about your back. I hope you’re back to normal soon. Thank you so much for the blog link.
    I’m so glad I discovered your blog. It’s on my blogroll now.

  2. freda says:

    Ditto – if you get what I mean. Bad backs are a pain – literally! But I’m managing a bit better as the day goes on thank you.

  3. Mina says:

    Delighted to see your church came to you in this way. People are all important in the way we see our God, the caring side or the hard hellfire and damnation side some preachers relate to. Not often I comment on church matters but this is one I feel quite strongly about.

    Take care of that back!

  4. freda says:

    Thanks, Mina, the way we treat one another is so important, I’ve never been one for leaning on the pulpit and saying “You’re all sinners!” Though once I heard a friend try it. He used a dramatic pause saying….. “You’re all sinners….. and so am I.” The congregation giggled nervously and looked round at one another wondering what was coming next.

    Have mobilised the back with a gentle walk and am now off to take painkillers.

  5. So sorry about your back Freda, I hope it’s one of the mend quickly variety of twists.
    You are brave (nuts) to walk it better. I am in favour of feet up, hot pad or water bottle to the affected area, and wherever possible, a servant, to bring me tea, coffee, or whisky. On my own, I simply curse, lie down and wait for a miracle.

  6. freda says:

    The whisky is going to follow the evening tablets, Ray. Actually it is definitely getting easier. It only hurts when I move or laugh.

  7. LC says:

    Glad to hear your back is getting better. Isn’t it wonderful that God and his worshippers are using modern technology to give comfort and connection! Prayers coming your way (the old-fashioned way).

  8. Lyn says:

    I’m sorry to hear your back is hurt! Gosh, a bad back makes everything nearly impossible, doesn’t it? Take it easy and allow yourself to heal. And yes, a bit of whisky might be just the helper you need tonight!

    What a wonderful service provided via CD!! I really love that! It helps preserve the relationship with the congregation, doesn’t it? How creative!!

  9. Hi Freda, I just read your blog entries for the Perfect Church and Gentle Care. Boy did I need to receive this message. Lately, owing to course demands, I have been immersed in the Scientific Revolution when many became disenchanted with religion and reading for my course becomes thick after a while. Love the blog from your friend Anita. Looking at the stars through the lenses of faith gives us a really different perspective doesn’t it.

    BTW, my oldest granddaughter Hannah has applied to graduate school. She has decided to answer her call and become a youth minister. We are praying for her success in reaching her goal. As you once trod this path, I thought you might like to know this. Dianne

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