Thoughts on Sunday

So what am I thinking of as I get ready to go out to a church service. Well, there’s a story in the Bible which warns of feeling overly pleased with ourselves. Two men stand up to pray in the synagogue: one is full of himself and glad he is not like the other and the miserable sinners, the other is humble and aware of the unfathomable mysteries of God. I came across this poem, quoted in a May Sarton journal and it reminded me of that story, but also of the wonderful way that we are forgiven and loved and accepted, no matter who we are.

Remember the spider
Weaving a snare
– And that you did it

Remember the Cat
Tormenting a bird
– And that you did it
In deed and word:

Remember the fool
Frustrating the good
– And that you did it
Whenever you could:

Remember the devil
And treachery
– And that you did it
When you were he:

Remember all ill
That men can know
– And that you did it
When you were so:

And then remember
Not to forget,
– That you did it
And do it yet.

James Stephens

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