Recovering Sunday

Today has been about recovering from the events of yesterday, which involved 6-9 Terry’s All Gold, a very ill-looking little dog, projectile vomiting and short rations for the rest of the day. It seems that temptation was too much for Misty – there it sat on the coffee table, a newly opened box of chocolates with only half the top tray eaten. Now, the coffee table is cairn accessible height, but I was too busy concentrating on catching up on old times with the visitors.

Come Saturday morning and everybody realised the dog was missing, even though there was food to be had at the breakfast table. A quick sortie revealed Herself curled up on the couch, ears laid back and what can only be described as a hang-dog expression. If she could have turned green it would have completed the picture. Then….. the evidence…… the box of choccies with the top tray completely empty. Horror…. as it dawned that Misty had overdosed on chocolate. A quick count round as to who had eaten what, revealed that approximately 9 were missing. There was even one round solid chocolate left on the carpet (perchance she was too full for anything but soft centres.)

Below, you can see her confronted with the box.

An investigation on google advised that a vet be consulted as soon as possible. I had visions of dashing to the surgery and looking the other way whilst a stomach pump was put into service. However, thankfully, the vet was able to say that as it was milk chocolate and not plain all should be well in time. Phew! He did say that she was a greedy little pig. Having felt the tenseness of her belly I can confirm that fact.

For the rest of the morning the little dog remained immobile and sick-looking. Just before lunch things came to crisis point. By good fortune I recognised the signs of impending doom and let her out. I couldn’t look but HBTW announced – “It’s happened! Projectile vomiting.” I did take a photo, but thought better of sharing it. I’m sure you are relieved at that.

Today, little Miss Mischief is back to normal, though last night she was sniffing around looking for the box. (It is safely in the cupboard, by the way.) She has also been rather hyper-active today.

Talk about the excitement of living a quiet life in the country.

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6 Responses to Recovering Sunday

  1. Lyn says:

    Oh my!! Scary when they do such things, isn’t it? I’m glad she is back to normal. And that she is looking for the box of candy only proves how addictive it really is!

    My daughter’s 8 lb. (3.6 kg.) Shih Tzu climbed onto the coffee table and consumed a great amount of chocolate cake. She was OK, but my daughter described her as “running around on the walls of the room, 3 feet off the floor” with insane energy for the greater part of 24 hours!

  2. Marcia Mayo says:

    I think it rather rude that the vet called your sweet dog a greedy pig, although that’s what she was. I’m so glad she’s okay, albeit a bit hyper.

  3. Linda Hillin says:

    Dogs are like people I guess, always looking for things to eat that are not good for them. Glad she’s made a recovery. I’d always heard chocolate would poison a dog. Perhaps your vet was right about the milk chocolate and if the centers were something other than chocolate. Gracious, our pets do cause us concern just like our children cause us concern.

  4. Lydia says:

    Oh, how very scary…..and a wee bit funny now that she has recovered. I did not know that milk chocolate was less toxic (or not at all toxic?) for dogs, as the warnings seen in the paper and articles every so often paint a terrible fate for a chocolate-eating canine. I am so happy for you that Misty at the right wrong snack! No wonder she is hyper, poor little thing. She will probably sleep for a full day once all the caffeine has left her system. zzzzzzzzz

  5. freda says:

    Thanks for the comments…… as an update, Misty is now back to her normal self thankfully. I shall try never to be so stupid again.

  6. lc says:

    Good luck with keeping that resolution. Our pets are like children: They can be very creative about their mischief, leaving us with our hearts in our throats as we try to play catch up in keeping them safe and healthy. So glad Misty is ok!

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