The brooding skies of autumn

Went for a walk with the dog this afternoon and caught the tail end of a shower. The temperature is still pretty high for this time of year (17.5C)  The acorns have started swelling on the oak trees and in some places the heather is turning brown. I guess that means that summer has come to an end. As you can see from the photo it is a particularly brooding sort of day.

We are spoilt for beautiful places around us – lots of good walks and picnic spots. I used to like climbing hills and even the odd mountain, but that is much more of a challenge nowadays. It is amazing how quickly the days go by. Today has been the odd bit of computing, a bit of housework, a potter and tidy up of magazines and papers, lunch (soup) and a snooze, then a walk, followed by coffee from a flask and some time idly gazing at the river (in good company of course)…….. and will now include more computing, a bit of a read and maybe some TV after a good meal. I have worked out that wall to wall NCIS recordings in the evenings make for a restless sleep; the answer is very simple – finish with an episode of the Waltons on DVD.

I suppose you could say it is a nothing kind of day. Amazing how enjoyable the weekends are in retirement.

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6 Responses to The brooding skies of autumn

  1. Lyn says:

    “Nothing kind of days” are often the sweetest, aren’t they?

  2. Marcia Mayo says:

    It’s good to know that, even in retirement, weekends are enjoyable. I worry that I won’t enjoy weekends if the weekdays already feel like weekends. I guess the answer lies in creating routines where the weekdays are perhaps more organized.

  3. freda says:

    You’re right, Marcia, it is important to have the weekends as different. I feel for those who have to regularly work weekends, but then I hope they can build in a pseudo-weekend routine into their own lives. This “nothing kind of day” is brill!

  4. Barbara says:

    I must confess I do not have the discipline of a schedule in my daily life, so what makes my weekend different is the way the schedules of others differ and how I must accomodate that. But I am working on it. The days do go quickly and tend to blend into one another.

    Lovely scenery around you. I live in an urban environment, residential but urban. I have to get in my car to seek out nature and I don’t do enough of that either.

    Blessings to you, Freda, as you remind me how rich my retirement can be.

  5. chris says:

    We too were caught this afternoon as we raced down Toward Hill to the car with the clouds advancing over the Kyles – the clouds won and we were soaked. Great rainbow, though!

  6. Lydia says:

    I love it when you write about simple goings-on in your life…and of course I love your photography. This particular post was extremely peace-giving, mind-soothing, almost like a sweet song. And I thank you for the respite, Freda.

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