Cruachan Derailment information

It’s interesting how an event that happens locally generates differing information from that which appears in the media. For example, the TV stations are saying that the road could be cleared by the end of the week. Local people here in the village, are passing on bits and pieces of information from the professionals working in and around the crash site. Latest talk here is that it will be into next week. Everybody is worried about the road taking the weight of the heavy lifting gear. With the road being on stilts sunk into the loch, the whole process is fraught with difficulty.

In the grand scheme of things, this road closure is such a small event, but it is amazing how hard it makes all sorts of things. Commuters having to go four times as far, people missing ferries; hospital and dental appointments being cancelled, ( no-one does the huge extra commute unless it is really urgent.)

I try to keep perspective by thinking of the folks in Florida whose livelihoods are affected by the oil slick, and of those who died in Cumbria in the shootings; but to be quite honest, going down that route ends up making me more and more depressed. All of it is made worse by a Local Government meeting I was at yesterday. The process, the auditing, the monitoring, the local-government-speak…… and all in the context of cuts, cuts, cuts.

Think the only thing to do is to go smell the flowers and listen to the birds. Hope I haven’t made your day worse. Having got it all off my chest I feel surprisingly relieved.

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  1. Tabor says:

    Sorry. So sorry.

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