Online delights

The title of this post reminds me a little of Turkish Delights. And the mail these days brings an eclectic mix of things I have ordered over the net. It makes the arrival of the post very exciting. Misty is always on alert in the mornings because, no matter who is on duty, (Ishbel or David) she enjoys her early morning fuss. They don’t even have to bribe her with biscuits as some postal workers have done in the past, the little dog just loves the extra attention.

Back to the point, so far this week I have ordered:

  • A Maddy Prior cd – from ebay, won on auction. Sing Lustily and with Good Courage.
  • A book on spirituality -Joan Chittister, In search of belief
  • A new firewire cable for the mac – so I can transfer video of deer taken from the back porch, and edit a small clip for either youtube or the blog
  • 4prs of soft-top comfort socks
  • An MP3 download from itunes

Thus you can see that the internet enhances my horizons rather than restricting them. The cd and book were on recommendation from other blogs, as was the MP3 song (When you are old) – technically speaking the download didn’t involve the dog in much joy, so perhaps that does not count.

And just in case you are worried I am overspending, perhaps I should say that the only full-price item is the firewire cable, and that is so that I can send it back if it is not the right fitting.

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