Quiet Easter

An enforced quieter Easter than expected. HBTW and myself had tummy troubles. It meant that we could not go to church and I felt the loss of that yesterday. However, a radio service helped a bit, though it could not entirely make up for losing out on being with others of our local Christian community. Being a Christian is about doing it together with others. Today I have been thinking about all the little churches throughout the country areas in Scotland. My own training prior to being ordained, was mainly in large town congregations. There were people and children of all ages and lots of activities going on. Once I became a Minister, I served mainly in smaller places. All along I had known that these were the places where it felt as if I was meant to be.

I suppose what I am trying to do is to say thank you to all those who make it possible for there to be local churches. In our own area, our Minister has to travel thousands of miles each year, taking multiple Sunday services and going to meetings far from home. Other leaders in rural churches fill in where possible and give of their time and energy. But none of this would be possible without financial support from people of large congregations in towns and cities. They help towards rural costs. So thanks to our local helpers and thanks to those who share their wealth with us.

A good thought for an Easter weekend – the church national, is a community in the widest sense of the word. Up till now I have deliberately avoided commenting on the troubles that are besetting the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world. I shall simply add the hierarchy and those people who have been damaged by their system, to the prayer list. It is not enough, but it is all I have to offer.

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