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There can be an amazing difference with the online shopping experience. Recently, we decided to purchase a new weather station. Him Behind the Wheel searched for the good deals and came up with what seemed like the best and duly booked the order. We waited. We waited 10days and there had been no email to confirm despatch though the credit card had been charged. Annoyed HBTW wrote a sharp email only to be told that the item would not be in stock until mid-Feb. However, the firm did offer a refund. (Incidentally, this is through today.)

We then decided to look through ebay or amazon, both much-used sites. A new shop was found, an even better deal was on offer (more extras such as rainwater gauge and anemometer, the items were declared to be in stock, thus the order was placed yesterday at 3-00pm. The said weather station arrived this morning at 08-30am. How is that for service?  The birds are already getting used to the strange gizmos on top of their feeding station.

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