Special Days

Today is notable for a rather ancient anniversary – engagement. Ancient, because my own is 45yrs ago today but also because it rarely happens these days.

I remember the kindness of relatives, friends and neighbours in giving presents for the “bottom drawer.” And the excitement I had when I regularly opened the drawer and slowly went through linen and china etc, imagining what it would really be like to be married and in a home of our own.  Tissue paper was carefully unwrapped, the goods stacked on the floor and I simply gazed in disbelief that it was all really happening. In those far off days, couples scrimped, saved and worried to find the wherewithall. Nowadays, for many, it is simply cheaper to move in together and then think about the legal commitments afterwards.

Nowadays I can hardly get my engagement ring on!! Note to self – don’t be lazy, take it to be enlarged.

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