The things that make a diary

This week, thanks to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland I have learned about twitter. Or rather, I have started to learn what all the fuss is about. It is supposed to be a short pithy message about what the sender is thinking or doing at a particular moment;  that makes it an ideal way to convey the business of the Church Assembly. It set me to thinking about what blogging is about. Is it supposed to be a rant, a rave, an entertaining story, a moral tale? Or like mine is most of the time, inconsequential snapshots of a retiree’s life?

I love to read diaries and journals – they are a special favourite at bedtime. What makes them compelling for me is the mixture of the mundane and the profound. They tell of hopes and dreams, fears and failures and the flowers blooming in the garden. So what has my day been about?

*  Getting exhausted watching debates from the General Assembly on the webcast

*  Being sometimes irritated and sometimes inspired by the same debates. (Why do we get so het up over sex and sexuality? On second thoughts don’t answer that.)

*  Taking Misty for a walk in a Highland Glen, enjoying the birdsong and the tumbling streams

*  Wondering why my church feels it necessary to encourage secrecy and hypocrisy in matters of human sexuality.

*  Enjoying the smell and flavour of a good cup of Lady Grey tea.

*  Relaxing by watching vintage episodes of Taggart, especially when clergy were trusted and respected.

*  Giving up and going to bed…….    And so another day goes past.

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