Unprovoked attack

For the life of me I cannot turn this into a funny tale. Misty’s regular walk is down to the river and through the Glebe field. On the way, we have to pass a house at the end of our track. The occupants have a retired greyhound; he makes a lot of noise but has kept to himself, I have to confess that I keep a wary eye nonetheless. From time to time there are visiting dogs, one of which has rather aggressively gone towards Misty in the past. Today, it jumped over the fence, ran at Misty and jumped on top of her – not for fun but with much barking and aggression. She was too stunned and taken by surprise to react. Fortunately, Him Behind the Wheel was there too, and between us we managed to chase off the other dog and I lifted Misty free.

There was no harm done apart to my nerves. I did find the owner and speak to him, and hopefully it won’t happen again. But it is a bit salutory to have to take a dog-guard on the walk every day.

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2 Responses to Unprovoked attack

  1. Ellie says:

    Poor Mist, and poor you, hope you are all okay now. I had a similar situation with Dekwan in February, I presume the greyhound thought he was a rabbit or somthing..I ended up in hospital for 6 days thanks to the shock. See the dog quite often, and it lunges at him..the woman who has the dog simply cant control it.

  2. freda says:

    Thanks Ellie, sorry to hear about your own misadventures. Misty and I are recovering. She obviously had bad dreams last night. Thankfully I didn’t – just a day of feeling very shaky.

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