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The Creative Writing course advocates being an avid reader. Of course this sits well with my sedentary lifestyle at present. The student is also encouraged to write a review of each book read. In particular, reviewing the books with a writer’s eye. Perhaps that should be nose. I have to say that this makes reading even more enjoyable and does have the advantage of making me remember the stories for long enough to carry out the review. A new writer I have found recently is Jodi Picoult – she has a particular formula for success (crime committed that is not all it seems, flashbacks to set out what led to the crime, court scenes bringing all to a conclusion – often with a twist.) Usually, I find court-room dramas on TV rather boring. Shades of too much Ironside in my youth. But Picoult seems to get under my skin. She makes the reader think outside of the box. As my box is the four walls of the house just now, it is a welcome relief.

Oh yes – the recent read was “Nineteen Minutes” – Hodder & Stoughton 2007.

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  1. Rev Ruth says:

    I like the fact that she tackles current ethical issues but puts them into a context that challenges your thoughts. I found Nineteen Minutes particularly challenging.

    Get well soon!

  2. freda says:

    Glad to have found someone else who reads her. It is good to keep getting challenged. Thanks for the get well wishes.

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