The New Year

Many were the traditions in the days of my youth! The best of them being me as a ten-year old banging the front door letter-box in time with the ships hooting on the River Thames at Greenwich. Well……maybe not the best, but a significant memory nonetheless; it felt so daring. And all this was after the house had been thoroughly cleaned, curtains washed, ashes emptied from the fire and the hearth swept clean. Black bun (I don’t like it!) was consumed, along with a small glass of port and the windows were opened so that the Old Year could be let out and the New Year let in. These things must have deeply pagan roots!

So what happened in Dalamory last night? Was the house cleaned? – No, it can wait for another day. Were the curtains washed? – You must be joking. Was there any black bun? – Of course not; pay attention. Were the ashes emptied? – No, because there is no coal fire. As for the windows? – Well, I have to leave you guessing about something.

Happy New Year.

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3 Responses to The New Year

  1. John Shedden says:

    I remember it vividly – just as you describe it – with one addition. In my home, the whole family sat together in total silence for the last 10 minutes of the old year. It was a moment of deep reflection, of moving on and, by grace, leaving the old behind to write on the clean sheet of a new day – a new year!
    Every joy and blessing to you and yours in this year of our Lord 2008!
    John & Jeannie

  2. Donald MacKinnon says:

    Great to see both you and Robin looking so well (and so slim!)on Sunday.
    May you and all your fine family know God’s richest blessings in the year that lies ahead,
    Donald agus Mary

  3. freda says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. I love the idea of a time of silence to put the old year into perspective, John. And thanks also for the good news that getting slimmer is a reality, Donald. All good wishes to everyone.

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