Knitting and a gale

Went out for lunch yesterday to celebrate the birthday. Then battled through wind and driving rain to get some wool and a pattern. No – the last six rows of the doggy jacket are still to do; but I have had a request for some mittens. They must be in fashion this year.

Temperature has fallen from 12.5C to 4C – What a country!

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5 Responses to Knitting and a gale

  1. Ray says:

    Six rows? What’s keeping you? The winter’ll be over before that poor wee dog gets her nice warm coat!!!! It’ll be out of fashion before she wears it and then you’ll have to knit ANOTHER one!!!!!!

  2. freda says:

    I am claiming that the sore throat has made my fingers stiff!! Soon – soon!

  3. Ray says:

    Sair fingers??? Sair fingers!!!!!! What an excuse!! I expect to see the picture before the end of the week!!!

  4. Terri says:

    Oh wow….you knit too? And YOU made that gorgeous doggie sweater? I just love it and I love to knit, but I’m not sure I could make that sweater for my 2 dogs. I’m not that experienced. I’m working on fingerless gloves at the moment.

  5. freda says:

    The doggy sweater wasn’t really difficult, Terri, otherwise I would not ave managed it. You could always try surfing the net for patterns. I got mine from a friend, and she is challenging me to try some of the other designs.

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