Weekdays at 8-00pm is a regular date with BBC2 Bill Oddie and Springwatch. Compulsive stuff. We have yet to be convinced that our own little colony of blue-tits have taken up residence in the nesting box this year. Everything seems to be about a month behind. Apart from the bumble bees that is. They have been on the go for weeks, enjoying the well-preserved (chilled) blooms on the early plants.


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2 Responses to Springwatch

  1. Graham says:

    You can tell its spring where I live in edinburgh..theres been an explosion of baby rabbits in the fields and park and railway line at the back of our houses.
    When we take our Archie the border out he goes mad wanting to chase them,don’t let him off the lead till they disapear back down the burrows though…Hope you are well, enjoy your blog..

  2. Freda says:

    Thanks Graham, watch Archie doesn’t go awol. Misty faces up to the deer in our garden!

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