The end of April

I am preaching at Crianlarich tomorrow. It is only 16 miles down the road, and I often used to drive through it thinking, Why would anyone want to live here?  Now of course I know that people live and work in an area of outstanding beauty. There are the usual mix of occupations in our area including, healthworkers; teachers; hoteliers and other tourist workers; railway workers; foresters; water, electricity and telephone engineers. In addition, we are handy enough for people to commute to Oban. Add to that the mountains, lochs, glens…..and there is a lot going for it.

Today, even the weather is joining in. The cuckoo is giving it big licks and a couple of days ago I saw the first swallow. But the cherry tree is not yet in blossom – I have just been telling it not to be afraid. Spring really is here.

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