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The latest yearly magazine from my old school association popped through the door this morning. Interestingly, there is not a trace of a website anywhere on the correspondence, which rather surprises me.  But I did find this photograph of the old school building, taken in 1905. It doesn’t look much different from the 1950s when I attended. Funny how old school memories become so elusive. Each year I pour over the news from old girls and try to picture faces. Rarely do I succeed. My memory seems to have been overlaid with years of family, work colleagues, congregations and so forth. A search online showed me that the new Hatcham College (which incorporates the old boys’ and girls’ grammar schools at New Cross, London) is now one of the most popular schools in the country, with 2500 pupils chasing 200 places. Oh well, I suppose it was always a good school and I was fortunate to go there.

Enough of the whimsy for now. Time to get on with the day. It is a busy life – this retirement.

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  1. Graham says:

    It’s very strange that it’s hard to remember old schoolmates considering the hours we spent with them, but I have the same problem with names.
    Love your Blog,and wee Misty looks a handfull,we got a Border terrier last Christmas so I know the fun your having with a puppy..

  2. Freda says:

    Thanks Graham.
    Any tips on how to deal with our “handful” would be much appreciated! For now I keep reminding myself that she is supposed to fit into our lives, rather than everything revolving around her.

  3. Delighted to find another Loch Awe blogger (I’m at the other end) and also someone with Haberdashers’ links (I’m an Old Monmothian). Good read as well – I’ll be back.

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