LibDems win and how to win at life

The LibDems win in the Dunfermline By-Election was a surprise result this morning. What on earth does that say about the state of mind of the voters in Scotland at the moment, especially as the election seemed to be fought on the basis of matters which are in fact devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Are people really that muddled? (I already know the answer to that.) Anyway, Gordon Brown must be feeling a bit sick today. What does this say about his chances of being PM come an election?

On a more mundane note, we lost our water supply, yet again yesterday. This time for five hours. It is always a relief when it comes back on; and it never fails to make me say a prayer for all the people in the world who do not have water systems at all. Being grateful for what we have is part of the secret of a contented life, so they say. Which brings me right back to politics after all, because by and large, we are not grateful for what we have. I am as commited to social justice and improvement in standards as anyone, but I know it is right to keep a sense of proportion.

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