The Simple Life

One of the books o­n my bookshelf at the moment is 7 Steps to the Simple Life bt Maria Van Eyk McCain. She aks the reader to ponder what the phrase “simple life” means for them. I agree with her own view

     ….it means to have a life in which there would be more time than there is now to spend with significant others, more time to think, dream and ponsder, an d more time to smell the roses. It would be a life of fewer demands, less stress and no feelings of overwhelm.

Interesting for me is to consider how that fits in with the Christian life. At first glance it seems more Taoist than Christian. Possibly that is why it appeals so much. But in retrospect, it sounds more like a healthy, whole life. And for me, that is wholly Christian.

So take time……smell the roses.

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