Budget Day

Usually o­n budget day I am too busy to listen to the various speeches, so I rely o­n catching up at the evening news. However, today I could theoretically hover over the TV set and take in every word. Perversely I find myself thinking of other things to do. Now that I am about to become a pensioner I find myself being concerned about a whole new range of issues.

Oh no – don't say I am gearing up to be interested in politics after a lifetime of having to appear neutral. I never thought it right to use the privilege of the pulpit to expound party political likes and dislikes. After all, every congregation consists of individuals of all persuasions. Nonetheless, I always admired those preachers who stood up for justice, even when it meant opposing the party of power, as in South Africa for instance. Truth and justice are the keywords for me, the trouble is that when I look back over my life, my views have changed totally. I like to think I am not so extreme now. But then there are times when it is necessary to be extreme and to stand against the crowd.

Not a bad thought as we approach Holy Week.

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